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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I think you need to overnight a jar or two of the strawberry jam to Liza! Then she'll have it for Thanksgiving.

Have to pipe in here - Jellied Cranberry sliced right out of the can. Personally, I think it makes an interesting contrast of shapes on the table. It also makes a great topping on turkey franks cooked on the grill, kids love it! Have a great holiday!

We're a Cranberry sauce out of the can family too! And just because it's always been that way, on both sides of our northern families!
I did cook my turkey upside down last year, but not over night and not the way you suggested. Guess what I'll do this year? YOUR WAY!

I might have to try that way of roasting a turkey. It sounds like it would work! And, I do my cranberry sauce the exact same way...straight out of the can & sliced! haha And I am usually the only one who eats it too. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, Sophia! :)

I still have the jellied cranberry sauce, sliced as my mom did...I always did and all my kids will eat it. But Dawn's hubby likes this cranberry mixture thing so she always serves this as well. But I cannot do without my jellied cranberry slices. They make a left=over turkey sandwich eaten later, even better.

Those rolls are making me drool! Yum! The cranberry sauce out of a can and sliced must be a "southern thing". We've done the same thing since forever. And if I have it and it's just my little family (not extended family), I'm the only one that eats it too. lol! Thanks for all the Thanksgiving tips! :-)

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