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Thursday, January 30, 2014


I am glad you mentioned printing out the digital scrapbook pages. Thank-you because I've been wondering what to do with them also!

FYI: My Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl. You should become an honorary - 12th man - and cheer for them!

Go Ha

I think $3.00 per page is a very good price, I believe scrapping with paper is much more expensive. I am in the process of going through all my stuff, I already organized my paper, now I have a whole bunch of embellishments in front of me, I have tons of stuff that's been there for the last 8 or 9 years and I have to throw it away because I will never use it.

Hi Sophia,

I'm glad you found your digital scrapbooking program. That's awesome. For printing I found that Staples or Office Max had much better prices than pretty much anywhere. So you may want to check them out. Hope you find a cheaper way. If you do, please share. I would love to know where you find the best deal. I have to say, I will be checking out some digital software now too. If it is that easy or user friendly, I want to try too. I use to think you had to be trained as a digital graphic designer to be able to maneuver some of these programs. But from what you have mentioned, it sounds pretty simple. Thanks for sharing.

I feel like we have a lot in common in many different ways. However, you seem to handle many things in such a positive way, so much better than I ever could. For this, you inspire me to try and be better. Unfortunately, I do not always do this. I'm still learning. I am a work in progress for sure.

AND thank you for sharing your daughter's experience with their tonsillectomies. My son, who will be leaving on his mission this summer after he graduates High School, needs to have his tonsils out too. But the insurance will only approve his tonsillectomy after he has 6 episodes or flare ups. (any advise on getting this done faster would be great if you know of anything??) We just hope that this does not delay his mission. Honestly, he has had golf ball sized tonsils for quite some time. I don't think they ever go down in size. I'm surprised they do not conflict with him breathing or eating because they are so darn big. He is scared to death about surgery. So, I have shared the pics and posts of your girls to help my son realize it's not as bad as he thinks it is.

I am sorry to hear about that judge allowing visitations for Zaylee with Kelly's husband. That is not good for that little girl. She does not need that influence in her young life anymore. We will keep her in our prayers. Keep the faith. Be strong. I know you know these things and are a great example of these things. Hang in there. We will pray for you and your family as well to have the strength to get through these things too.

Take care and keep being YOU! :)


$3.00 per page sounds expensive, but if you think about it - how much did the paper, photo developments and all the embellishments cost? Not to mention the cri-cut machine, cri-cut cartridges, special scissors, slicer, blades, etc. It is a costly hobby either way, but worth it every time your kids pull out an album and look through it! I need to go digital since I've given up doing it the other way.
L Jamison

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